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Dr. Masachs' services

Speaking Engagement

Dr. Masachs' message is simple and clear: in the world increasingly filled with challenges and crises, you need a sense of personal history which gives you the tenacity to create a sustainable value to prosper and thrive.

So, with this sense of personal history or gravity, you find out two things for yourself:

       1.  You know what to avoid doing
      2. You develop an inward drive and the tenacity to carry out what you do.



Dr. Masachs conducts a practical five session workshop on Strategic use of personal history in the business leadership and success. During this workshop, Dr. Masachs also shows how his Personal History-Telling Map is used.

This workshop is drawn from Dr. Masachs' dissertation research on how sub-Saharan African immigrants who survived civil wars and/or genocide use such experiences to fuel their entrepreneurial drive, business leadership, and success in America.

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